Friday, September 12, 2008

Bollywood Nights, by Shobhaa De

Spoiler free description: A fictional inside look on what life is like for Bollywood stars. It follows the life of a small town girl who becomes a big star, and what happens to her during and after her rise to fame. Not a romance. Pretty gritty reality, I think.
The best: I liked getting to see a world I can't even imagine.
The worst I didn't like how awful life was. It didn't seem like anything was good, and it made me never want to see a bollywood musical. If this is truely what Bollywood (or Hollywood) is like... I never want to see another movie again! Also, the outbursts of Hindi language in it made it challenging to follow at times.
Would you recommend this book? No, not unless the person had an interest in Bollywood. It may be well written, and it was hard to put down, but in a car crash kind of way.
** (2 atom boms)

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