Monday, February 2, 2009

Flat Out Sexy, by Erin McCarthy

I think I've read some short stories by Erin McCarthy in some anthologies. I know I've heard her name before. I was curious when I read the good review for this book on so I got it from the library. Winner!
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, NASCAR
Spoiler free description: Two years after her famous race car driver husbands dies in a race, Tamara is finally ready to start dating again. She literally bumps into Elec, and though he is younger than her, the sparks fly. She figures she could do with a one night stand, he's looking for a relationship. Elec tries to convince her it's worth a try, but there are hurdles to cross - she's a single mom, the previous generation has a family feud, and she's a bit older than him...
The best: No unbelievable villians out to get anyone. Really, no villians at all. This felt like ROMANCE to me. They have issues, they work them out. I love Tamara! Sensible, logical, gets swept away, but still keeps up with all her responsibilities.
The worst: Elec was a little too perfect. I can't really complain about that.
Grade A-

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Queen Rachie said...

Oh My I lvoe this book cover