Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alpha & Omega AND Cry Wolf, by Patricia Briggs

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy, Romance, paranormal, shifter
Spoiler free description: These books must be read together. The short story "Alpha and Omega" is in the book On the Prowl, and it is really just the first few chapters in Cry Wolf. And wow do I love this story. Anna is an abused, newly made, undereducated werewolf. Charles is a 200 year old dominate werewolf who comes to investigate trouble in Anna's pack. He immediately recognizes Anna as a rare and valuable Omega wolf (not the submissive she thinks she is) and his "brother wolf" also sees Anna's wolf as his mate. Anna realizes that her wolf feels safe with Charles, and that lets her trust him. But the real story is how the human halves of Anna and Charles get to know each other and try to catch up with the bond their wolf halves have decided on. Awesome!
The best: Lots of show, not too much tell. I like how the book unfolds and we see things alternating from Anna and Charles' points of view. I like how it's not easy, but they keep trying, and how they don't always get it right. I loved watching Anna's self confidence grow.
The worst: Hmmm. Not much to complain about. I would have loved more Anna and Charles and less secondary storyline, but I'm sure there is more coming in future books, as this is the beginning of a series. (Hunting Ground is due out in August 2009)
Grade A-

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