Saturday, January 24, 2009

Playing with Fire, by Gena Showalter

Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy, Romance, paranormal,
Spoiler free description: Belle was a normal girl until an evil scientist spiked her coffee and she was transformed into a superhero able to command the weather. Luckily, there's a superhero watching over her who wants to help her get used to being a superhero. Even more luckily, he's really hot, too. Unluckily, the evil scientist team wants Belle on their team, so they can disect her and understand why their evil potion worked, and then force her to work for them, using all sorts of nepharious and dastardly ways.
The best: The highlight of this book is when Belle meets up with Tanner. He is the best. A 19 year old wanna be ladies man, looking for women who would love to ride the Tanner express. His interactions with the rest of the good guy team kept me rolling!
The worst: Eh. The fact that Belle and Rome weren't more interesting than Tanner. Actually, the worst was probably how, even sick, even when she thought he was going to kill her, she was all hot about him. Eh. Not so easy to believe.
Grade C+

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