Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pride Books, by Shelly Laurenston

Genre: Paranormal, shifter

Spoiler free description: The Mane Event is two stories, Christmas Pride: Mace(Lion) & Dez(human) and Shaw's Tale: Brendan(Lion) & Ronnie Lee(wolf) . The Beast in Him: Smitty(wolf) & Jess(wild dog) (no, really, wild dog).
Christmas Pride is the only one where all the characters are not aware of the shapeshifting. In this case Dez is a tough as nails human cop, who is surprised when her stringbean best friend from middle school shows up as a grown up Marine. Though the lion part is original, it wasn't the best story I've read. In fact, I almost didn't read the second story in the book, and I'm so glad I did. (C+)
I laughed from the beginning of Shaw's Tale to the end. It was a blast. And it made me curious as to what the author would do with a full length novel. (A-)
The Beast in Him was good. Laurenston does full length well. (B)
The best: Laurenston does an awesome job of showing animal traits in human form. The way a lion breed stares much like a cat would. A dog's gleeful smile and playful nature. There's an awesome scene early in Shaw's Tale where Ronnie Lee is trying to handle a playful and feverish lion, in lion form, that makes me smile just to remember it.

The worst: Sometimes the stories drag. Especially the secondary storylines, have the mystery/plot. The relationships are fun to watch unfold. The drama... eh.

Would you recommend this book? Yes, if you like paranormal/shifters, with lots of humor
Grade: B

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