Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dragon Queen by Shana Abe (The Drakon, book 3)

Genre: Paranormal, para-historical, romance, shapeshifter
Spoiler free description: Maricara is the very young princess/queen of the Carpathian mountain drakon. Kimber is the prince of the English drakon. The Carpathian and English drakon have long been lost to each other. When Maricara sneaks into Kimbers home and they finally meet, they are instantly attracted. But Maricara is much too strong and intelligent to be the subservient wife that the English drakon culture demands. And she's come to warn them about an age old advesary on the rise again. In battling this common enemy, they draw closer and closer, but struggle to work things out. I was a little frustrated with the story as a whole, but didn't want to put it down - and definitely want to read the next one after seeing it will be about Kimber's brother Rhys.
The best: I love how strong Maricara is. I saw her as having much of the power in the this story and it worked well.
The worst: It's just not my favorite writing style. I get a little lost sometimes as to what motivates the characters. It's stronger on the fantasy side than the romance.
Grade B-

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