Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zen and the Art of Vampires, by Katie MacAlister

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampire
Spoiler free description: OK, first off, it's a Dark Ones novel by Katie Mac, which says a lot to me (like it says: READ ME!) Second, it's a two parter, which also says a lot to me (like it says: RUN AWAY!) How much do I HATE it when there's no HEA? I hate it very much. However, the 1st over-ruled the second. I have enough love for Katie Mac that I'm willing to try something new with her. But then, not far into the book there's a third. Let me back up a little bit and do the description thing.
So, Pia is nearly 40 and chubby (not that you'd know it by the cover, but that's a whole 'nother rant). And Pia, on a singles tour of Europe, currently in Iceland, finds herself in the middle of a BIG MISUNDERSTANDING. And then she finds two hot guys. And (here's the third thing) about 2 minutes later, apparently so excited that someone actually wants her, has sex with one of the guys. And here's the *fourth* thing, THEN, 24 hours later, she has sex with the other hot guy, best friend to hottie number one.
Honestly, I almost stopped reading. Up until the third thing, I was really identifying with Pia. I found the first sexual encounter (Alec) very abrupt and unbelievable. And when she's getting all into the best friend (Kristoff) she really hates him, and I kept thinking "Really?" "Really, she's doing this?" And they both hate themselves after... I just don't know.
Now, it's a Dark Ones story, so Pia is a Beloved (aka soul mate and savior) but the big question is supposed to be whose Beloved is she. Except she's not confused, she's sure she's Alec's. And *I* was not confused, I've read the other books, it's clear she's Kristoff's. The part I don't really get is how Alec and Kristoff don't know whose she is. And the other part I don't really get... HELLO! Read each other's minds! Duh. You have a bond, use it! Ugh.
But none of that explains how, once I was about 1/2 way through I just really needed to know how it ended. And I have to say, going in knowing this was just a pit stop on the way to HEA, I was really happy with how it ended. And, despite all the ranting, I can't wait to read the rest! Why, oh why wait until May???
The best: Hmmm. I guess just how addictive it was.
The worst: The third and fourth things. Plus I found Alec to be a little creepy. Actually kind of a lot creepy. And it was a BUSY book. Typical Katie Mac, hard to keep track of it all.
Grade C (I would say D, but I have to give credit because I DID want to read the whole thing, and I still want to read the next one!)

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