Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nightkeepers by Jessica Anderson

Genre: Paranormal (contemporary) romance
Spoiler free description: I think I would have enjoyed this book much more if it had been billed as a sci-fi rather than romance. I have certain expectations of a romance novel - including have the h/h actually spend quite a bit of time together in the first half of the book, and also including not being overwhelmed by a cast of characters. Leah is a police officer looking into a string of murders - including the murder of her brother - that have ties to a Mayan cult. In the course of the investigation she winds up on an altar tied up like a sacrifice in the middle of some sort of magical ceremony. Just when things are looking like death, she's saved by Jaguar-Strike (no, really, that's his name, but you can just call him "Strike") and then he disappears - AFTER her brain is wiped so she has no memories of him OR the bad guys she's in danger from. That's just he beginning of big scale story about the coming end of the world and the Mayan warriors who will protect us all from the bad things that are coming. As I mentioned there is a LARGE cast of characters and tons of threads left hanging for next books. Very good, but light on the romance for me.
The best: An interesting premise.
The worst: I'm still not completely sure what happened on a magical level that resolved everything. It was a little vague.
Grade C-

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