Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It Had to Be You by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Football!
Spoiler free description: Phoebe's father dies that's ok with her - he's always treated her like crap. And that doesn't stop with his death - in his will he leaves her ownership of his football team, The Chicago Stars. Phoebe may look like a blonde bimbo, but she she's got brains to spare, and she's not interested in playing her father's games. The coach of the Stars needs her to play, without her help, his team is stranded. And then there's this unexplicable attraction they have to each other...
The best: I love the pacing of this book! It takes it's time - there's no HEA overnight here. The story is complex and very believable. This is one I'd go back to again and again. Best of the best - opening scene with the poodle. And so many others...
The worst: I didn't really enjoy the storyline with Dan's ex.
Grade A

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