Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt

Genre: historical romance
Spoiler free description: This is the first of Elizabeth Hoyts four "The Legend of the Four Solidiers" books. It follows Samuel, an American vetran of the French-Indian war. It's several years after the war and Samuel, now an extremely successful businessman, is visitting London with his younger sister. He asks his neighbor, Emeline, to help his sister "come out" in society. Emeline agrees to help. Samuel and Emeline are very attracted to each other, but she knows she cannot act on it. Especially since she's engaged to a mutal friend of theirs. Samuel is suffering from PTSD after the war and struggling to live as a normal person. This book is a great look at how that played out after the war, given the class and culture of the time. The future books look promising as well.
The best: Great tension. I liked how Emeline's son and Samuel's daughter played into the story. I liked how the possibility of pregnacy was addressed and handled.
The worst: For some reason the mocassins really bothered me.
Grade B+

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