Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ideal Wife, by Mary Balogh

Genre: historical romance, marriage of convenience
Spoiler free description: Miles is a newly made earl under pressure from his extended family to marry and produce an heir. His family has set up a marriage for him and is on their way to steamroller him into it. Then in walks Abigail, asking for - not money - references to get a new job. She's claiming Miles is a distant relative and has humbled herself to ask for help. She's on her best behavior and nothing like her normally outspoken, rambunctious self. Just like that, Miles proposes, excited to get the quiet and boring bride he can tuck away into the country and continue his life as is. Abigail accepts, feeling a bit guilty that he has no idea what she's really like. Then the fun begins.
The best: I loved how there were no huge misunderstandings. They talked through a lot of things. And each of them with their friends discussed what they were hiding from the other. I loved the pacing of their relationship and how everything built slowly and steadily, and how they worked it all out. Best scene - when his family comes and meets Abigail.
The worst: A little too much drama about the "big" secret she has, considering what it turns out to be.
Grade B+

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