Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Talk Me Down by Victoria Dahl

Genre: Contemporary Romance, lawman, small town
Spoiler free description: Molly is a super secret successful erotica writer. She uses a pen name to publish her stories and keeps everyone she knows in the dark about what her occupation is. She's inherited an house in her small hometown and decides to move there to get away from her creepy and annoying ex-boyfriend. And she's looking forward to finding old friends... like her big brother's BFF and her longtime secret crush (and star of her dreams) Ben. The thing is, Ben is happy and living a scandal free life, and he'd like it to stay that way. And did I mention that Ben does NOT want any scandal in his life? And Molly, she's got scandal written all over her, yet Ben can't keep himself away.
The best: Molly's self confidence. I liked how she was happy going after Ben. I loved their scene in Ben's police truck. And the suspense plot that normally would have totally annoyed me had enough twists and turns to be really enjoyable.
The worst: I really liked it all.
Grade A

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Bhetti said...

Yep, this book was awesome. I really need to get some more. One Week As Lovers is out by the way: I've read it and you should like it as well! Even more emotionally rich from my view.