Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Courtesan's Daughter, by Claudia Dain

Genre: Historical Romance
Spoiler free description: Caroline is Sophia's daughter. Being Sophia's daughter has defined her for her entire life. See, Sophia used to be a courtesan, until she actually married one of her gentlemen. Now Caroline is ready to be married, but being a (former) courtesan's daughter has made her not a good match. But no worries, because Sophia has a plan... she'll buy a husband for Caroline. The plot thickens when Caroline decides she'd rather be a wanted courtesan than an unwanted wife. But never fear, because Sophia is a lady with plans. And Sophia always gets what she wants.
One note to keep in mind, this story centers just as much on Sophia as on the HEA couple. I think this would have annoyed me had I not known it going in. It also is the start of a series, and Sophia will have a long arc-ing story.
The best: Witty dialog. Nice double entendre. Layers and layers to the story!
The worst: Sometimes I felt a step behind - hard to keep up with Sophia's plans! I think the author intended it that way, though.
Grade B+

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