Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Price of Pleasure by Kresley Cole

Genre: historical, romance, island romance
Spoiler free description: I picked this one up because I love Kresley Cole's paranormals. She didn't disappoint. Once again, I started with the 2nd in a series, but that wasn't a problem with following the story. Tori was 13 when she and her governess are shipwrecked on a desserted island. Eight years later - and after a few unsavory attempted "rescues" - Grant shows up looking for her on a commission from Tori's grandfather. Grant doesn't give up and is determined to bring her home and earn the reward he was promised. Unfortunately for him, Tori is just as determined and even more resourceful than he is, and she's not quite sure she wants to leave with him.
The best: Another strong heroine. I enjoyed that Tori always had an ace up her sleeve and didn't ever give up and faint away, even when she really wanted to. I also thought Grant did an admirable job of winning her over.
The worst: The conflict in the book is caused by Grant being stupid, for reasons I really didn't understand.
Grade B

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